Contemporary Christmas Wreath Hoop

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Christmas Wreath Tutorial

We've been asked a number of times if the hoop wreaths we used to decorate the shop window are for sale. They're not - we made them ourselves to bring some festive cheer to the windows, but if you would like to have a go at making your own, they really are very simple. Here's how we made them:

Contemporary Christmas Wreath Hoop Tutorial

Materials Required:

1 x Hoop (size, colour & material of your choice)

White Christmas Hoop

1 set of wire string lights (we used the Talking Table copper wire ones which we have in the shop)

Copper String Lights

Embelishments of your choice (also available in the shop)



Craft Wire (or something to secure your embelishments to your hoop)

Step 1:

Wrap your fairy lights around your hoop. Depending on the length of your lights and the size of your hoop, your lights should wrap around your hoop at least twice. Try to place the so the battery pack of your fairy lights will be hidden. We had ours finish at the top of our hoop, so the battery pack could sit on the window ledge above the hoop and we could hide it with the ribbon.

Christmas Wreath Hoop Battery

Step 2: 

Add your embelishments. Personally, I think less is more when it comes to this design, and decorating half the hoop, or placing embelishments to the side or off-centre gives it a more contemporary look.

On the hoops where we used the present toppers, we just placed a couple together to make spray and used the craft wire to secure them to the hoops. We did the same with the artificial holly, using craft wire to secure the holly in place.

Christmas wreath hoops-01

Secure the embelishments in place with craft wire:

Christmas Wreath Hoop Embelishment

Step 3:

Attach the ribbon. Decide where you are hanging your Christmas hoop, then cut the ribbon to the correct length so it hangs in the correct position. Tie the ribbon together in a secure knot at the top.

Job done! It's such a simple Christmas craft, but makes a gorgeous, contemporary Christmas wreath!


We used a white metal hoop, purchased from Amazon, but you could also use a wooden embroidery hoop or spray paint a hula hoop. The hoops we used in the shop are 50cm in size (our windows are approximately 90cm wide).

You can purchase the same white metal hoops as we used, here: White Hoops 

We used present toppers for the spray decorations (also available in the shop!) and and artificial holly garland cut to size. Using real foliage such as holly, ivy or eucalyptus would look and smell amazingly Christmassy!

We would love to see your efforts - feel free to leave pictures of your own creations or share with us on Facebook or Instagram